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Minuet, Illuminatia
Location of Minuet in Illuminatia


  • 541,084 (250 AI Census)
  • 910,000 (300 AI estimate)

Rank: 26

Demonym: Minuetti

Primary trading partners: Allegro, Symphony, Overture, Adamopolis, Harmony

Minuet is a southern Illuminatian city situated on the upriver portion of the River Allegro. Minuet is the third-largest city composing the South Coast Megalopolitan Complex, after Allegro and Symphony.

A secondary settlement city, Minuet was settled as a primary waypoint for explorers traveling northward from Allegro. Minuet now serves as a major station on most transportation networks on the primary route between Overture and Symphony.

As of the 250 AI Census, Minuet had a population of 541,084 residents, making it the Illuminatia's 26th-largest city. Minuet has experienced significant growth since then and it is estimated the city will have a population over 910,000 by the 300 AI Census, an increase of nearly 170% over 50 AU.

The economy of Minuet is dominated by the clean energy, research and development activity related to technology, and transportation.

Minuet, like many of Illuminatia's largest cities, finds the origin of its name in musical terminology.