Secondary settlement cities

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Settlement of Illuminatia Illustration.png

Secondary settlement cities in Illuminatia refer to cities that were not settled at the location of Lucidus landings but instead were consequently established and settled by voyagers who embarked from those original settlements.

While primary settlement cities are clustered principally along the continent's coasts, secondary settlement cities tend to be located in the interior of the continent, oftentimes along rivers that connect to primary settlement cities. Voyagers from the landing-site settlements that became Illuminatia's primary settlement cities, beginning shortly after the Lucidus landings, journeyed inland and established outposts that would eventually grow into secondary settlement cities. Secondary settlement cities tend to be located within an identifiable vicinity of the primary settlement cities from which their founders originated.

Many secondary settlement cities were originally settled as outposts and grew from this, while other secondary settlement cities were purposely planned as a place for an excess population from another city to settle and seed a new development. Secondary settlement cities are newer than primary settlement cities and are, on average, smaller. Most secondary settlement cities also enjoy better civic planning than some hastily-established primary settlement cities. The population of a secondary settlement city will tend to be fairly unified in having an ancestry largely derived from a specific multiversal duplication and from a specific Lucidus ship.

Secondary settlement cities are generally limited in definition to these cities as established only by Illuminatia's first generation of human inhabitants. Some time after the initial inhabitation of Illuminatia, further generations of descendants disbursed even more to establish tertiary settlement cities, or cities that were not established by Illuminatia's original generation of human inhabitants.