Transilluminatian Subversion Command

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Transilluminatian Subversion Command

Transilluminatian Subversion Command Logo.png

72 Three Quarters Street, Minuet

Industry: Communication, public relations

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Advocacy, publicity, image management, media manipulation

Revenue: 190,000μ/AU

Personnel: 35 employees, excluding covert contractors

Transilluminatian Subversion Command (TSC) is a quasiparamilitary organization based in Illuminatia. The TSC specializes almost exclusively in the use of active disinformation campaigns directed at its rhetorical adversaries in attempts to undermine them. While disinformation is very much not tolerated in Illuminatian culture, the TSC manages to continue its antics because it tends to perform actions against groups who the overwhelming majority of Illuminatians don't really care for anyway.

Transilluminatian Subversion Command disinformation campaigns tend to be directed toward convincing specific organizations, loosely-affiliated groups, or other cohesive populations of people to take particular actions or be swayed ideologically toward a certain political position. Generally, the actions and positions that these campaigns convince their targets to take are contrary to those peoples' self-interest or align with the interests or political positions of the TSC and, often, Illuminatian society in general.

The Transilluminatian Subversion Command is most infamous for its disinformation campaign to convince populations of people belonging to the Semiconservative Party to refrain from vaccinating themselves against Bubonic Whooping Syphilis, bringing about a clique of anti-vax enthusiasts among the Semiconservatives. It is presumed the TSC's goal was to cause a decrease in the overall population of Semiconservatives or to otherwise cause them to be concentrated on Quarentenam Island, where the Illuminatian government quarantines people who are infected with BWS or who refuse to get vaccinated against the disease. This campaign was technically a success. Ironically, the subsequent quarantining of a large number of Semiconservative Party members to Quarentenam Island led to a shift of the population of that small island toward the Semiconservative Party, resulting in the island's Primary Assembly constituency, for the first time in Illuminatian history, voting to elect three members of the Semiconservative Party to the legislature's lower assembly to represent the electoral district covering the island. Quarentenam Island remains a Semiconservative stronghold thanks largely to this historical population shift and remains the only constituency in Illuminatia able to elect Semiconservatives to any of the Ultrabureau of the Legislative's three legislative chambers. Amusingly, this isn't the only time a TSC operation has resulted in consequences completely contrary to the TSC's intended goals.

The Transilluminatian Subversion Command commonly utilizes agents stationed at legitimate media outlets to aid in its furtherance of disseminating subversive information to the targeted public. Thankfully, Illuminatia's most significant mainstream newspapers and broadcasting outlets are highly adept at sniffing-out these agents and rarely find themselves utilized for the TSC's purposes.

Occasionally, smaller non-mainstream alternative magazines and other outlets might fall victim to TSC disinformation agents in their ranks of reporters and columnists. But fortuitously, the TSC's strategies are intricate enough to seed the organization's disinformation with recognizable clues that make the nature of the disinformation obvious to most observers who are not a part of the intended audience. Through advanced communication research, the TSC has become adept at calculating the susceptibility of certain audiences to certain messages relative to the receptiveness of the general Illuminatian population to such messaging. As a result, the TSC is often covertly allowed to continue its operation despite being detected.

Additionally, the TSC manages a small collection of printed and electronic media outlets of its own, including small newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations. The extent of this direct involvement is not fully known.

According to polling data, the Transilluminatian Subversion Command is the rated the least-liked of Illuminatia's quasiparamilitary organizations. Popular opinion tends to hold that the TSC is relatively incompetent at executing its objectives and as a result the majority of those with conventional power and clout tend to ignore the organization.