Quasiparamilitary organizations

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Quasiparamilitary Illustration.png

Quasiparamilitary organizations in Illuminatia are structured associations that operate using nefarious but non-violent tactics to further their political, ideological, and social goals. Major quasiparamilitary groups known to operate in Illuminatia include the Illuminatian Liberation Army (ILA), the Lucidian Revolutionary Army (LRA), the Protolucidian Liberation Front (PLF), and the Transilluminatian Subversion Command (TSC).

These quasiparamilitary groups engage in public-facing actions such as demonstrations, pranks, stunts, practical jokes, booby-traps, and safely-engineered sabotage intended to cause public inconvenience, loss of productivity, ridicule, and embarrassment. Actions taken by Illuminatia's established quasiparamilitary organizations might result in modest indirect economic losses or insignificant damage to property, but never result in significant monetary or property losses, personal injury, or death.

The existence of quasiparamilitary organizations is generally tolerated in Illuminatia as a necessary part of the greater sociopolitical dialogue. People also tend to find the situations that these groups orchestrate to be entertaining, which helps.

Quasiparamilitary organizations commonly benefit from the media attention their spectacles attract, with media coverage often providing a much wider audience for the groups' rhetoric than would otherwise be available by the means of the actions and demonstrations themselves.

The major quasiparamilitary organizations of Illuminatia almost all maintain a Karmic Unit account in concordance with the Department of Karma Adjustment, allowing the groups to maintain a karmic balance that mediates most complicated and potentially burdensome exchanges of liability resulting from the groups' actions.