Illuminatian Liberation Army

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Illuminatian Liberation Army

Illuminatian Liberation Army Logo.png

10 8th Street, Lark Ascending

Industry: Communication, public relations

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Advocacy, publicity, image management, media manipulation

Revenue: 240,000μ/AU

Personnel: 45 employees

Illuminatian Liberation Army (ILA) is a quasiparamilitary organization based in Illuminatia. The ILA uses bizarre and peculiar tactics to express opposition to governmental and business practices that the group finds to be unpopular.

The Illuminatian Liberation Army is especially known for its glitter bombs, colorful leaflet campaigns, flash dance mobs, and some infrequent pirating and unauthorized overtaking of wireless broadcasts.

Like all major quasiparamilitary organizations in Illuminatia, the ILA strictly refrains from activities involving violence or that may cause direct economic losses, significant damage or loss to property, personal injury, or death.

The ILA's karmic balance tends to stay comfortably in the positive, despite the dynamic activity their karmic account sees in response to the group's public activities. This positive karmic balance tends to allow the ILA to freely express itself without the risks associated with not engaging in the karmic exchange.

The Illuminatian Liberation Army enjoys a high favorability rating among quasiparamilitary organizations, however the Protolucidian Liberation Front does frequently exceed the ILA in public image polls.

The Illuminatian Liberation Army notably never acquired the necessary usage rights from the government for adoption of the term "Illuminatia" within the official name of the organization, but there has never been enough political will to do anything about it.