Tertiary settlement cities

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Settlement of Illuminatia Illustration.png

Tertiary settlement cities in Illuminatia refer to cities that were not established by Illuminatia's first generation of settlers.

While primary settlement cities were established by the original Lucidus survivors at the site of their original landing on Illuminatia's surface; and while secondary settlement cities were established by explorers originating from these primary settlement cities… tertiary settlement cities were established significantly later than secondary settlement cities and were founded by people who came of age after the continent's original settlement efforts. People who settled tertiary settlement cities were generally born on Illuminatia rather than aboard the Lucidus ships and most of them were born in secondary settlement cities.

The populations that seeded these tertiary settlement cities were also generally recruited from existing secondary settlement cities. In some cases, Illuminatian authorities desired to level-off the population from a primary settlement city, so residents of those cities were persuaded to help establish these new tertiary cities.

Tertiary settlement cities tend to be much smaller in population than primary and secondary settlement cities. Tertiary cities range from suburban cities surrounding a major city to rural towns isolated from Illuminatia's megalopolitan complexes.

The cultures and identities found within tertiary cities tend to be much more diverse than other cities, as their populations were drawn from larger pools and from broader geographic areas than secondary settlement cities.