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Population regulation in Illuminatia Illustration.png

A masturbatorium is a facility that provides reproductive and copulatory services to persons of reproductive age. Services offered are highly diverse in current day Illuminatia and may include education, community and social support services, distribution of reproductive health supplies, provision of personal copulatory services by trained professionals, accommodation for solitary copulatory activities, facility rental for large copulatory social gatherings, and sperm collection for sperm banks. The Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation subsidizes these facilities and assists in their operation in accordance with the population regulation related goals of the bureau.

Originally, masturbatoriums in Illuminatia served exclusively as venues for solitary copulatory activities. The Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation operated and funded these facilities for the purpose of providing a decelerating mechanism to serve the BRC's population regulation mission. Masturbatoriums were more common in geographic areas where the birth rate needed to slow down. Persons of both major sexes and of all genders were able to utilize these masturbatoriums and if their activities were incentivized by the BRC, they were credited their monetary reward afterward. These facilities were known for providing a very comprehensive selection of materials and personal care supplies to aid individuals in these pursuits and increasingly operated at all hours of the day. Masturbatoriums tended to be kept very clean and usually maintained attractively decorated spaces.

The superior accommodations afforded by masturbatoriums quickly resulted in many of these facilities providing an expanded slate of services, such as individual copulatory experiences curated by professionals trained in the copulatory arts. These skilled tradespeople often provided personalized hands-on service and played a large role in masturbatoriums accelerating in popularity.

As masturbatoriums became destinations in Illuminatian culture central to Illuminatians' reproductive needs, the BRC helped expand the services offered at masturbatoriums even further and additionally supplemented their operation. The BRC continues to provide direction and support to Illuminatia's system of masturbatoriums and facilitates the dominant public health and education objectives of these facilities today.