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Population regulation in Illuminatia Illustration.png

Government-instituted population regulation in Illuminatia is accomplished entirely through the use of incentive-based systems intended to encourage persons of reproductive potential to engage in reproductive and copulatory behavior that provides as much benefit to Illuminatian society as possible while balancing these benefits with individual concerns such as attraction, affinity, and pleasure.

The government agency responsible for population regulation in Illuminatia is the Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation.

The tradition of quasi-voluntary population regulation instituted using a means that preserves autonomy in family planning decisions dates to the days of the Lucidus mission, during which tight controls were necessary to maintain an optimal population aboard a long-term multi-generational inter-galactic voyage within the confined space and finite resources of a space ship. Concerns for control of the total population were compounded by concerns over maintaining optimal demographics and cultural, ethnic, and genetic diversity to encourage the maximum probability of the long-term quality survival of the Lucidus branch of the human race.

Regulations were generally loosened once descendants of the Lucidus mission colonized upon the surface of Illuminatia. Incentive-based population regulation continued as a vehicle for heavily incentivizing procreation-related behavior as the Illuminatian colonies found the need to dramatically increase the birth rate.

Population regulation through the Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation now exists in its highest visibility as match-making and reproductive assistance service, utilizing elaborate databases, adoption networks, sperm and egg banks, fertility clinics, rent-per-TU hospitality facilities, brothels, and pornographic production and publishing enterprises. The BRC still manages the qualitative and quantitative properties of Illuminatia's population using incentives and government subsidies providing for varying proportions of the cost of living for certain family units, depending upon the household's utility toward meeting the goals of the BRC.