Lucidus mission guidelines for terrestrial habitation and development

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The Lucidus mission specified guidelines, plans, and protocols for the inhabitation, settlement, and development of a newfound terrestrial environment in the distant universe. The guidelines commanded by Lucidus mission organizers were thorough and wide-ranging, comprehensively addressing an extensive array of matters of societal structure, governing systems, and infrastructure that were seen as critical to the success of human inhabitation of a new world. Lucidus organizers developed these guidelines during the earthbound planning phase of the Lucidus mission.

These guidelines were executed upon the landing of Lucidus mission survivors on the Neonisi planet and the guided the resultant settlement, development, and populating of the new world. These guidelines were closely intertwined with protocols that governed the operation of the space-bound portion of the Lucidus mission and much of the guidelines for terrestrial civilization-building are derived in some way from the mission protocols.

These plans were highly specific in a great many cases when specificity as a result of highly-technical and detailed pre-mission design was necessary. Conversely, these plans also provided flexibility in cases when informed interpretation in consideration of the spirit of the mission's general intentions using input that would only be available from present-day settlers was anticipated to be the most reliable approach.

Careful planning of the civilization and infrastructure established in a new world was paramount to Lucidus mission organizers, as the mission and its goals were a result of a massive undertaking of resources, human contemplation, and scientific study.

Governmental leaders and public service personnel within the ranks of the governmental structure, per Lucidus guidelines, are bound to execute their decisions within the bounds of Lucidus mission guidance for terrestrial development while taking to mind democratic input from the general populace.

Primary guidelines

The most notable of Lucidus mission guidelines that were applied to the selection of a planetary body to inhabit and the subsequent development of Illuminatia included:

  • Avoidance of habitable planets with existing sentient life forms when selecting a world to explore for future habitation;
  • During interstellar planetary exploration and planetary habitation, absolutely no interference with existing civilizations;
  • Upon landing in a terrestrial setting, early emphasis on full exploration of the newly-inhabited land mass(es);
  • Intentional planning of terrestrial settlements, cities, and infrastructure to minimize the footprint of urban development, promote a human-scale built environment, and avert significant human impact on the natural environment;
  • Prioritization of human-powered modes of transportation to promote optimal human health, reduce energy utilization, and minimize the impact of energy production and expenditure on the environment;
  • No introduction of foreign flora or fauna of Lucidus or earthly origins until appropriate study and observation of potential ecosystem impacts;
  • No harvesting of natural resources until a full accounting of resources can be taken and a system of regulating extraction can be implemented to avoid irreparable harm to natural environment;
  • No partitioning of nations—all of humanity on a given world must be governed by a single sovereign government;
  • A highly democratic basis of government with bureaucratic structures prioritizing meritocratic principles of leadership;
  • Continuation of a system of population control that will encourage rapid but intentional population growth once terrestrial settlement is established;
  • Continuation of mission-style checks on the genetic diversity of human offspring until a terrestrial population reaches a threshold of sustainability;
  • No weapons or structures of war making;
  • Maintenance of a single universal spoken and written language;
  • Formation of economic structures that place value on all occupations and community roles that contribute to the enrichment of society and sustainability of human habitation and discourage unequal distribution of wealth and resources based on artificial capitalist principals. In particular, the encouragement of the sustainability of art and cultural occupations for cultural enrichment, and also a high value assignment to community roles focused on the production, development, and maturing of human offspring—including roles involved in childbearing, education, and the caring disciplines;
  • Structures encouraging freedom of expression among all inhabitants which ensure any constraints on speech be applied agnostic of the speaker or the rhetorical content of the expression. Additionally, structures prioritizing access to and openness of information in government and public affairs.

It is widely understood that Lucidus guidelines for terrestrial habitation were automatically put into effect by the ships' automated systems upon the unexpected termination of the Lucidus mission while the human inhabitants of the Lucidus mission were preserved for the long-duration journey to Neonisi and preparatory processes that made the planet ready for Lucidus survivors to inhabit.