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The Serenade Chronicle

Serenade Chronicle Logo.png

20 Mozzarella Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Daily newspaper, local/regional

Specialties: Journalism, mainstream news and analysis


  • Local edition: 1,589,100
  • Regional edition: 1,120,000
  • Territorial edition: 1,500,000
  • Total circulation: 495,000
  • Total readership: 11,201,400

Revenue: 5,878,700μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 30mμ

The Serenade Chronicle is a major daily newspaper published in Serenade, with superregional circulation. Readers in the northern and central reaches of Illuminatia consider The Chronicle a newspaper-of-record for news originating from the greater Serenade metropolitan area and throughout the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex.

The Chronicle publishes three editions: a local edition for readers in the greater Serenade metropolitan area, which nets a circulation of 1,589,100; a regional edition for the greater megalopolitan complex with a circulation of 1,120,000; and a "Territorial Edition" drawing a circulation of 495,000, catered to readers in a super-region roughly defined by the Transilluminatian Range to the west, the Lucidian Range to the east, and the Adamopolitan River valley and its tributaries to the south.

The Territorial Edition of The Chronical carries news of importance and interest to the greater region, including top stories from places around the super-region as well as developments out of Serenade that have regional implications. As the region's dominant economic and trade center, the political and economic stories originating out of Serenade are of interest to readers throughout this portion of the continent. The Territorial Edition find significant readership as far south as Saint-Saëns.

With a total combined circulation of 3,204,100 and a total combined readership of 11,201,400 drawn from the three geographically-defined editions, The Chronicle is the most-read newspaper in north-central Illuminatia and one of the most-read in all of Illuminatia. Readers in the larger super-region often split their reading time between the Serenade Chronicle and the Adamopolis Times. Within the megalopolitan complex, The Chronicle faces spirited competition from fellow local dailies, Serenade Tomorrow and Serenade Yesterday.

The journalism found in The Chronicle is considered to be on par with that of the Adamopolis Times, Vos Valley News, and the rest of Illuminatia's most prestigious newspapers. The Chronicle operates bureaus at its headquarters in Serenade as well as the cities of Sonata, Lark Ascending, and Nocturne.

The Chronicle earns 5,878,700μ in revenue per AU from a mix of advertising and subscription and newsstand fees. The newsstand price of The Serenade Chronicle is 30mμ for all three editions.

The Chronicle was a founding member of the Serenade periodicals distribution system and continues to maintain full Periodicals Circulation License-paying membership in the distribution system.