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Vos Valley News

Vos Valley News Logo.png

10 West Vostonian Boulevard, Voston

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Daily newspaper, local and continental editions

Specialties: Journalism, political news and analysis


  • Local edition: 141,461
  • Regional edition: 1,855,000
  • Continental edition: 6,326,667
  • Total circulation: 8,323,128
  • Total readership: 25,110,846

Revenue: 18,227,915μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 30mμ (local), 33mμ (regional and continental)

Motto: "Transparency at all costs"

Vos Valley News is a major daily newspaper published in Voston, with continent-wide circulation. Readers throughout Illuminatia turn to VVN as a newspaper-of-record on political news and governmental affairs. VVN, in a perpetual rivalry with the Adamopolis Times, has a circulation that normally ranks second or first of all newspapers in Illuminatia.

Vos Valley News features journalism regarded as unsurpassed in its trustworthiness, accuracy, and thoroughness. VVN's specialty is continentally-significant political news. The newspaper focuses on coverage of Illuminatia's national judiciary, legislative, control, and executive governmental functions and exercises its might from its Vostonian Boulevard headquarters directly across the street from Illuminatia's seat of government.

VVN's motto, "Transparency at all costs," reflects its attention to maintaining access to the workings of government to the government's functions are in the full view of the public with no chance for secrecy of shenanigans. Readers across Illuminatia sometimes also humorously reference the latter portion of this motto—"at all costs"—to accentuate the slight price premium they pay for the regional edition of the paper compared to other newspapers of regional circulation. VVN costs 33mμ at the newsstand, which is 3mμ more than the average for a newspaper. Discounts for subscriptions, however, do apply.

Vos Valley News operates news bureaus in cities where the Illuminatian government houses its various agencies. Since the Illuminatian government disperses its bureaus and departments among cities throughout Illuminatia rather than concentrating power around the seat of government in Voston, VVN also distributes its news reporting power across the continent to meet the government where it lives.

VVN publishes three editions: a local edition, focusing on the workings of the local government in Voston; the regional edition, focusing on the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex; and the much mightier continental edition, which is dominant among readers across Illuminatia. The continental edition surpasses the local edition dramatically with respect to circulation, reporting power, and, of course, physical size.

Political news analysis dominates the pages of Vos Valley News. The news reporting tends to be more analytical and long-form, very much lacking in brevity. VVN is also known for its inclusion of opinion content in the form of letters to the editor. VVN attracts well-reasoned opinion writing from persons prominent in government from across the political spectrum.

VVN owes its name to the colloquial designation "Vos Valley," which is used to refer to the Illuminatian capital of Voston in the context of its political inner workings. The nickname is derived geographically in much the same way as our earthly ancestors residing in the early Earthly kingdom of America, during post-modern-classical times, used to refer to Washington, D.C. as "D.C." or "the beltway." The geographic reference comes from the valley of the Vostonian River, in which the city of Voston resides.

The newspaper earns 18,227,915μ in revenue per AU, drawing much more heavily on circulation revenue than on advertising revenue. A conscious decision to publish a minimum of premium advertising means VVN earns only about 20% tp 33% of its revenue from advertising sales.

With a daily local edition circulation of 141,461, Vos Valley News's regional edition (1,855,000) and continental edition (6,326,667) wholly dominate the newspaper's circulation figures. Vos Valley News's circulation among all three editions totals 8,323,128 every day, while daily readership reaches 25,110,846. VVN has captured about 60% of the newspaper consumption market in Voston and about 13% of the market continent-wide. While VVN currently ranks second in circulation of all newspapers in Illuminatia, VVN comfortably surpasses the Adamopolis Times when comparing continental editions, which complicates the decisiveness of the numbers utilized to measure this historic rivalry between the two papers.

VVN's focus on political news leaves open the market for other prestigious newspapers to report more mainstream and popular news as well as for other publications to produce news that falls outside the mainstream. Thanks to the voracious news appetite instilled in the Illuminatian culture, all of these varieties of publications have a valuable share of the media market.

VVN was an instrumental founding member of the Voston periodicals distribution system and continues to maintain full Periodicals Circulation License-paying membership in the distribution system.