Serenade Tomorrow

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Serenade Tomorrow

Serenade Tomorrow Logo.png

54 Mozzarella Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Periodicals, daily local newspaper

Specialties: Journalism, local news, mainstream local affairs, printing


  • Local edition: 1,077,100
  • Regional edition: 640,000
  • Total circulation: 1,717,100
  • Total readership: 7,010,000

Revenue: 3,417,800μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 28mμ

Serenade Tomorrow is a major local non-profit newspaper published in the city of Serenade, with readership reaching throughout the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex and the surrounding region of north central Illuminatia. Serenade Tomorrow is unusual for its level of success as a non-profit publication, reaching a significant segment of the mainstream newspaper-reading market while also catering to the traditional alternative demographic more common among non-profit papers.

With a local edition circulation of 1,077,100 and a regional edition of 640,000, Serenade Tomorrow boasts a total circulation of 1,717,100. Serenade Tomorrow reaches a total of 7,010,000 readers daily, making it the second-most read newspaper originating from the greater Serenade conurbation. The paper's regional edition focuses on that larger region, while the local edition emphasizes news local to the city of Serenade, which Serenade Tomorrow's primary and larger competitor, the Serenade Chronicle, may have missed or given less coverage.

Serenade Tomorrow has established a loyal readership base with its trademark forward-looking view into the future of the news and happenings experienced in mainstream news on a daily basis. The newspaper has an opinion page on which it boldly publishes predictions on what will happen next with the largest stories of the day, a liberty the newspaper has been afforded thanks to its non-profit alternative status. Readers have been known to wager on the level of accuracy of the predictions found in Serenade Tomorrow. This contrasts Serenade Tomorrow with its third smaller spirited local competitor, Serenade Yesterday, which casts a detailed and decidedly retrospective look at local news.

Serenade Tomorrow helped establish the Serenade-area periodicals distribution system and continues to maintain full Periodicals Circulation License-paying membership in the distribution system.

Serenade Tomorrow earns a revenue of 3,417,800μ/AU and has a newsstand price of 28mμ, attracting a much-needed boost in readership attracted by the cheaper price compared to the larger paper in town.