Serenade Yesterday

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Serenade Yesterday

Serenade Yesterday Logo.png

34 Ricotta Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Periodicals, daily local newspaper

Specialties: Journalism, local news, mainstream local affairs, printing

Circulation: 1,126,300

Readership: 4,438,200

Revenue: 2,101,700μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 31mμ

Serenade Yesterday is a major local newspaper published in the city of Serenade, with sparse readership extending throughout the surrounding Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex.

With a total circulation of 1,126,300 and a total readership of 4,438,200 readers daily, Serenade Yesterday is the third-most read newspaper in the greater Serenade conurbation. The newspaper is outpaced in circulation and revenue by local competitors the Serenade Chronicle and Serenade Tomorrow.

Serenade Yesterday has grown a devoted local readership base taking advantage of its near-exclusive coverage of Serenade's local National Sportsball League-affiliated sportsball club, the Serenade Snotrockets and combining that with a uniquely detailed, analytical, retrospective look at local and regional news events. This contrasts the paper with Serenade Tomorrow, which doesn't have the sportsball coverage and prefers a forward-looking orientation, and The Chronicle, which doesn't have a strong temporal proclivity.

The Serenade Yesterday earns a revenue of 2,101,700μ/AU and has a newsstand price of 31mμ. Serenade Yesterday is a Periodicals Circulation License-paying member of the Serenade-area periodicals distribution system.