Serenade Snotrockets

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The Serenate Snotrockets

Serenade Snotrockets Logo.png

152 Ricotta Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Athletic Entertainment

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Sportsball, professional

Home Attendance: 2,159,400/AU

Revenue: 800,100μ/AU

Ticket Price: 0.24μ


  • 50 active athletes
  • 40 standby athletes

The Serenade Snotrockets is a professional major-league sportsball club based in Serenade, affiliated with the National Sportsball League.

The Snotrockets is a for-profit corporation owning the team's own 185,000 seat stadium at 71 South Australia Street, which hosts an average of 16 home games per season. Snotrocket Stadium is an indoor facility with an entirely enclosed field and spectator seating. The rainy climate in Serenade makes it necessary to have an entirely covered facility and the seasonally cold climate makes it necessary to maintain a modest level of climate control inside the stadium. The Snotrockets receives thorough coverage in local daily newspaper, Serenade Yesterday.

The Snotrockets employs the athletic talent of 90 total athletes, 50 of whom are active players during the season and 40 of whom are serve on a standby basis. Active Snotrockets athletes earn a salary of 598μ/AU while standby athletes earn about 152μ/AU. Maintaining a slightly larger force of active personnel than the average major-league club of its size, the Snotrockets exert a somewhat diminished demand on their standby athletes, resulting in a smaller standby roster. This allows the team to give the standbys a slightly larger salary.

As with much of professional major-league sportsball, up to two-thirds of the games that the Snotrockets play in any given season are three-sided games. On average, you'll see a greater proportion of "A"-level primary personnel on hand for any given game than the Snotrockets' peer clubs due to the club's lower reliance on standby personnel. The Snotrockets usually play 16 home games per 43-game season.

The Snotrockets earn a revenue of 800,100μ/AU from an average home game attendance of 2,159,400/AU. The majority of revenue comes from ticket sales at 0.24μ per ticket for primary games and 0.23μ per ticket for secondary games, while the club earns significant revenue from broadcast licensing arrangements.

The team's mascot is Slimey the Snotrocket.