Serenade Institute of Philosophy

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Serenade Institute of Philosophy

Serenade Institute of Philosophy Logo.png

52 Cheddar Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Education

Entity type: Non-profit, public

Product: Tertiary, quaternary education

Specialties: Thought tradition arts, governmental/political theoretics, advertising and marketing

Enrollment: 58,000

Colors: Tuscany, Selago

Revenue: 6,408,000μ/AU

The Serenade Institute of Philosophy (SIP) is a public institution of tertiary education located in Serenade. SIP offer tertiary degrees focused in the humanities and philosophical disciplines, with particularly notable excellence in its thought tradition arts, governmental/political theoretics, and advertising and marketing studies curricula. SIP is also known as a preferred destination for quaternary level learners who are interested in these specialties.

SIP attracts secondary graduates from colleges and universities from across Illuminatia for its tertiary degree programs and humanities research initiatives, however a majority of the institute's 58,000 students originate from northern Illuminatia's Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex and the surrounding areas. The nearby University of Serenade is the most heavily represented secondary institution from which SIP applicants receive their prior credentials.

The Serenade Institute of Philosophy boasts a budget of 6,408,000 μ/AU, which makes it Serenade's second-largest institution of higher education. SIP's funding comes almost entirely from the Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE).

As with all tertiary and quaternary universities and institutes, SIP receives oversight from the BEE's Office of Curriculum and Programming (OCP). Tertiary students at SIP enjoy a nearly 100% placement rate into employment or research assignments upon graduation thanks to the assistance of the Occupational and Instructional Productivity and Placement System, which is administered by the Office of Assessment and Placement (OAP).

The Serenade Institute of Philosophy is frequently the scene of student-led séances, wherein groups of up to a dozen or two individuals join hands in a circle and attempt to communicate with their inner subconscious. Students, faculty, and community members alike are welcome to participate.