University of Serenade

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University of Serenade

University of Serenade Logo.png

28 Ricotta Avenue, Serenade

Industry: Education

Entity type: Non-profit, public

Product: Secondary, tertiary education

Specialties: Community planning and design, culinary arts and science, mathematical arts

Enrollment: 119,045

Colors: Cerulean, Black

Revenue: 13,095,003μ/AU

The University of Serenade (US) is a public institution of tertiary education located in Serenade. US offers secondary degrees specialized in the human arts and humanitarian disciplines and advanced tertiary degrees in community planning and design, culinary arts and science, and the mathematical arts.

Total enrollment at The University of Serenade has reached 119,045 students, attracting a dominant showing of students from the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex as well as a significant number of students continent-wide who seek out US thanks to its prestigious humanities program.

US is a primary choice for secondary education for students from the Serenade area, who seek out the university's strength in the breadth of the human arts and natural sciences. The University of Serenade has highly-rated tertiary programs in the humanitarian disciplines. Many students enjoy practical experience during their education at one of the many humanitarian and arts-related organizations based in the Serenade area.

US receives funding from the Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE) and oversight from the BEE's Office of Curriculum and Programming. As with most public educational institutions, public funding accounts for nearly all of the university's operational resources. This funding is proportional to the number of students the university admits. The University of Serenade has revenues totaling 13,095,003μ/AU.

As with all public education institutions, The University of Serenade enjoys a nearly 100% placement rate upon graduation thanks to a government-assisted matching system administered by the BEE's Office of Assessment and Placement. US students in the humanitarian trades have a tendency to receive preferential status for their career placements post-graduation at humanitarian and arts organizations continent-wide.

University of Serenade students are known for researching ways to develop novel human related sciences that haven't yet been officially recognized in the academic community. The students then practice and speak about their newly developed scientific disciplines with the general public through a constantly changing array of student-led miniature clinics and lecture series. New areas of human study proposed by US students recently include ecclesiastical nihilism, psychedelic realism, and therapeutic narcolepsy.