Baroque Isle

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Baroque Isle

Location of the Baroque Isle in northwestern Illuminatia

The Baroque Isle is Illuminatia's northwestern island. Situated in the northern ocean and separated from the Illuminatian mainland by the relatively narrow Baroque Channel, the Baroque Isle is Illuminatia's largest island. The Baroque Isle contains the furthest north point in Illuminatia.

The Baroque Isle is home to the northernmost reaches of the Transilluminatian Range. The portion of the resplendent transcontinental mountain range occupying the island is home to some of Illuminatia's most imposing peaks. These snow-capped mountains make the Baroque Isle a frequent destination for tourism, with visitors from across the Illuminatian content journeying to the island seeking outdoor adventuring and recreational activities including hiking, mountain climbing, and snow skiing. The isle's snowmelt-fueled rivers provide ample opportunity for whitewater rafting. Rivers traverse waterfalls and flow through winding rock gullies as the waterways descend through rapid elevation changes. The isle's mountain views also serve as inspiration for visitors pursuing creative endeavors, spiritual awakenings, and general emotional wellness. It is generally agreed that the elevation and brisk air of the isle's rustic mountainous regions promote good health.

The island is relatively sparsely populated, with only a few large cities and several smaller ones. The city of Nocturne, the largest population center on the Baroque Isle, is situated at the innermost point of the wedge-shaped bay shaping the entirety of the eastern coast of the island. Meanwhile, the second-largest city on the island, Vivaldi, is the chief center of population on the Baroque Isle's southern coast, providing necessary transportation links over water to the nearby mainland. The Erickson Peninsula extends to form the southwesternmost points of the Baroque Isle. The isle's western coast is characterized by jutting fjords and rocky outlying islands.

Baroque Isle was settled by descendants of the third multiversal duplication of the Lucidus I ship. The island's inhabitants share a common ancestry with much of northern Illuminatia, including the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex.

The climate on Baroque Isle is cool and damp, with nearby waters largely moderating seasons from the extremes in lower elevations. Higher elevations are significantly colder and experience frequent freezing conditions during wintery seasons. Snowfall is common throughout the island during the colder seasons. The isle's western coast experiences a persistent breeze from the ocean, earning the region the reputation of being Illuminatia's windiest place.