Nationalism in Illuminatia

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Nationalism and patriotism are not celebrated in Illuminatia because there are no nations in Illuminatia to celebrate, making the idea of nationalism impractical and superfluous. With all of Illuminatian humanity upon the planet of Neonisi united under one governmental administration, the expression of superiority or dominance by one nation over another is moot because there are no foreign nations for Illuminatians to feel superiority toward. Additionally, Illuminatian culture understands that the expression of nationalism would be destructive and potentially detrimental to the survival of the Illuminatian branch of humanity.

By extension, Illuminatia has adopted no national flag, coat of arms, seal, emblem, motto, national anthem, or any other symbolism that could be utilized in a nationalistic or patriotic fashion.

Illuminatian society understands that national identity and the resulting nationalism and patriotism that would ensue would be likely to cause irrational, exclusionary, and potentially destructive behavior among populations of people. In earthly human history, nationalism and patriotism were known have been practiced by majority groups and insiders at the exclusion of minority groups and outsiders, causing oppression, tyranny, persecution, and worse societal ills. The Illuminatian civilization collectively wishes to avoid this brand of madness. Lucidus mission organizers were of the same mind and sidestepped efforts to establish logos and emblems representing the mission itself and, resultantly, the entire branch of humanity carried by the mission. The resulting Illuminatian civilization followed this example.

The Illuminatian public is understood to derive an appropriate level of collective pride and satisfaction from the knowledge that the Illuminatian civilization is carrying forward a mission important to the survival of the human race upon the planet of Neonisi well-separated from the pestilence of historical earthly civilization.

Illuminatians instead often utilize sportsball spectatorship as a cathartic mechanism for expressing collective feelings of geographic identity, camaraderie with one's community, solidarity with likeminded persons, and unanimity with neighbors within a relatively defined vicinity when it becomes desirable to express such collective sentiments. Sportsball athletes can be observed working as a team to defeat an outgroup within a controlled environment without utilizing the most destructive tools known to be employed in historical earthly civilization to solidify group identity, such as violence, war, and genocide. Non-genocidal sportsball has proven to be a widely-satisfactory strengthener of community identity.