Imperialism in Illuminatia

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The concept of imperialism—like many political and power structures—does not exist in Illuminatia due to a constellation of sociocultural circumstances in conjunction with the inherent conditions of the settlement of the Neonisi planet by a single cohesive group of humans under a single united government.

As a result of Lucidus mission guidelines that specifically forbade settling on a world with an existing civilization and also prescribed that any world settled by humanity would remain united under a single nation, Lucidian settlers were awarded a world without transnational conflict or the existence of any nations or peoples to conquer. While it is true that the habitation of Illuminatia is the result of intergalactic exploration and conquest by a group of humans who originated from Earth, the concept of colonialism has remained outside the standard Illuminatian vocabulary as it was strictly outside of the Lucidian plan to do anything that might resemble colonization.

Humanity's arrival upon Neonisi was simply a building of settlements and a commencement of habitation. Concern for environmental and ecological integrity dimmed any prospect of a spirit of taming a wild wilderness or desolate wasteland.

Meanwhile, a lack of monarchy, kingdom, nobility, or other nondemocratic power figure preempted any sense that humanity upon Neonisi might be building an expanding empire. The Lucidus mission successfully distanced the Lucidian branch of humanity—both physically and emotionally—from any strongly-held fundamental connection with Earth. As a result, the settlement of Illuminatia was simply seen as the seeking-out of a new place for humanity to inhabit, rather than an expansion of Earth's dominion over the cosmos.

The Illuminatian government possesses no systemic structure intended for making war with any outside or internal enemy; the Department of Peace (DOP) instead only practices a stance of promoting peace to preempt any appetite for war or conflict, and maintains a properly streamlined and efficient posture of defense in case of any unforeseeable interstellar calamity.