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The fauna and wildlife of Illuminatia represents a unique situation for naturalists, as Illuminatia is not known to have had any noticeable naturally-occurring animal life present anywhere on the planet's surface prior to the arrival of human settlement. People who categorize living things generally use a loose definition to refer to the animal life on Illuminatia—a definition that generally includes, for instance, beings significant enough in proportions and that move, but don’t necessarily meet all of the strict animalistic qualifications that might be expected of animal life on Earth.

Any known wild animals or animal-like creatures existing in Illuminatia today are the direct result of human intervention and are descended from creatures that Lucidus survivors brought with them to Illuminatia. These creatures, in addition to a modest selection of animals existing on Earth upon departure of the Lucidus mission, also include varieties of the locomotive meat plant, which is a being that was artificially engineered on the Lucidus mission as an augmented humane protein source providing more benefits than the standard vegetative meat plant.

Human settlers here were extremely careful to thoroughly document any possible signs of existing animal life on the planet before establishing permanent settlement, initiating agricultural activities, making changes to the landscape, deploying infrastructure, or engaging in other activities not native to the planet that could in any way conceivably impact potential native animal life.

Once settlers were satisfied that there was no existing animal life available for them to wreak havoc upon as might have been expected of them knowing their Earthly human legacy, the Illuminatian settlers went ahead and began a process of selectively seeding some areas of the Illuminatian continent's surface with various animal life derived from those animals that survived the Lucidus mission, including locomotive meat plants.

As exploration of Illuminatia continues, it becomes less and less certain that early Illuminatians were entirely accurate in their assessment of the status of the planet's native fauna. Naturalists and zoologists are actively cataloguing and analyzing samples of various non-Earthly, non-Lucidian, non-vegetative things that move below the surface of the continent, beneath the surface of the water, and even in the sky.