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The natural flora of Illuminatia are a mix of plant life evolved from organisms native to Earth and vegetation understood to be indigenous to the Neonisi planet. It is hypothesized that many species have evolved from a spontaneous interbreeding between vegetation of Earthly and Neonisi origins. The plant life found in Illuminatia has in many cases been cultivated for sustainable agricultural production for the benefit of human consumption for materials manufacturing and human nutrition.

The flora in Illuminatia represents a subject of intense speculation and continuous revelation for botanists and naturalists, by cause of the complicated interactions of flora of Earthly and non-earthly origin that took place on the planet prior to human arrival in Illuminatia.

The vegetation of Earthly origin found in Illuminatia descended from organisms that came to the planet via the Lucidus mission. It is hypothesized that the mission, upon its termination, sent various forms of plant life and seed to the Neonisi planet, where it arrived well ahead of human settlement. The head-start given to the Lucidus-originated plant life allowed this vegetation to take hold, populate areas surrounding the human Lucidus landings, and begin to evolve into more complex organisms, such as the meat plant and the more complex locomotive meat plant. The mission is presumed to have sent the vegetation to Illuminatia for the purpose of benefiting humanity, providing the future settlers an initial source for nutrition and materials that could be used without plundering this new world's natural resources.

While vegetation of an Earthly origin was found occupying only areas within the vicinity of Lucidus landings, vegetation found to be indigenous to the Neonisi planet was already thriving elsewhere on the continent. It is now understood that the Lucidus landings were likely instructed to avoid areas occupied by native vegetation in efforts to avoid human interference with natural ecosystems. Upon the commencement of human excursions and expeditions across the Illuminatian continent, the explorers were the first to note the presence of flora and fauna of a presumably non-Earthly origin, and engaged in intensive testing to establish further knowledge and to understand the extent to which human exploration and settlement could take place without negatively affecting these newfound natural ecosystems.

Nutritional uses

Illuminatians now freely consume vegetation of both Earthly and Neonisi origin as a part of a standard balanced diet. This includes plant life of a mostly vegetative disposition as well as more complex organisms evolved from ones developed aboard the Lucidus mission that exhibit animalistic qualities. Meat plants are vegetative florae that grow meat-like tissue within their fruit and other structures and provide proteins necessary to the human diet. Locomotive meat plans, by contrast, are able to move about upon their own accord and develop more refined muscular tissue. The meat plant and locomotive meat plant can be harvested without concern for offending the vegan disposition of Illuminatia's people.