Tertiary assemblies

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Tertiary assemblies are locally-based legislative and administrative bodies that oversee the local level of Illuminatian government. Operating under the Ultrabureau of the Legislative (UBL) and its Department of Tertiary Assemblies (DTA), these local governmental authorities administer specific regional areas such as individual cities and their surrounding administrative districts. Local tertiary assemblies serve a legislative and administrative capacity.

Tertiary assemblies consider legislation that is purely local in scope and do so with the sole consent of Illuminatia's Ultrabureau of Control and Ultrabureau of the Legislative. Matters of law considered by tertiary assemblies do not have any authority outside of the district under the administration of a given tertiary assembly. Matters of law taken up by tertiary assemblies must not have any effect or impact outside the local area administered by a tertiary assembly, must not conflict with continent-wide UBL legislation, and must not administer the same scope or area of law or regulation as that which is the authority of the continental government.

Tertiary assemblies have members that are elected in a direct democratic process by constituents who reside within the tertiary assembly's local administrative district, an area that usually consists of a city and a defined surrounding area.

Tertiary assemblies individually have the unique role of each electing one representative to the UBL's Paramount Assembly, a continental legislative body that considers law on a national scale as one of the three legislative bodies of the legislative ultrabureau's tricameral legislature. This freedom hands some degree of continent-wide clout to tertiary assemblies, which otherwise only maintain authority of a local scale.