Colonialism in Illuminatia

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The concept of colonialism is conspicuously missing from the narrative of the discovery, settlement, and exploration of Illuminatia. This is because the Illuminatian continent and the Neonisi planet where Illuminatia resides has never been considered a colony of Earth and the pursuit of a new world for humanity to inhabit very much lacked any imperialistic or colonial motivation.

Lucidus mission guidelines specifically forbade the human settlement of any world on which intelligent or sentient life forms already existed. This disrupted the prospect of humanity continuing its Earthly history of accidentally or intentionally destroying preexisting civilizations in lands subject to its conquests.

Illuminatian culture views terminology relating to colonialism to be violent, cruel, and inequitable. Society has as a result eliminated the need for a single word for this concept from the Glossa Communi language. The cities and regions that grew from the camps where Lucidus mission spacecraft landed were intentionally referred to as settlements rather than to as colonies, as referring to a colony would suggest savage intentions which the Illuminatian branch of humanity wished not to perpetuate. Students of Earthly history must use compound terms such as "genocidal exploration" or "murderous expedition" to refer to the brand of colonization preferred by the ancient western civilization of Earth.

As the various multiversal duplications of Lucidus descendants explored the interior of the Illuminatian continent and established new cities, these new communities were referred to as secondary settlement cities and tertiary settlement cities rather than to as colonies of either geographic group's original settlements.