Brookeview Bay

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Brookeview Bay

Location of Brookeview Bay in Illuminatia

Brookeview Bay is an ocean basin adjacent to the continent of Illuminatia, bounded by one of Illuminatia's largest and most populated peninsulas to the south and another major peninsula along with Ludwig van Island to the north. The River Harmonica empties into Brookeview Bay at the bay's northernmost point.

The shoreline surrounding Brookeview Bay is home to the Brookeview Ludwig Megalopolitan Complex, a conurbation that arose from a concentration of settlements from landings of modules from the Lucidus II spacecraft. Descendants of the third multiversal duplication of the Lucidus population predominantly occupy this region.

Major cities situated upon Brookeview Bay include Harmony and Mendelssohn at the most interior extent of the bay, Greensleeves and Sinatra on the bay's south shore, and Pachelbel on the north shore.