Quarentenam Island

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Quarentenam Island

Location of Quarentenam Island in southwestern Illuminatia

Quarentenam Island is one of the southernmost land masses associated with Illuminatia. The small remote island is located some distance from Illuminatia's southwestern coast in the southern ocean. Quarentenam Island is utilized as a quarantine zone.

Quarentenam Island was the second-to-last land mass discovered in Illuminatia, second only to Supplicium Island, which is located several hundred KLU to the west of Quarentenam Island. The island's existence remained unknown to Illuminatian settlers for tens of AU after humans first populated Illuminatia.

Quarentenam Island remained unpopulated for much of early Illuminatian history and for some time after its discovery. No Lucidus survivors or Illuminatian settlers ever populated the island. After the island was discovered and it was established that the island was one of Illuminatia's most remote, jurisdiction over the island was handed to the Department of Health and Wellbeing (DHW) for use as a mandatory permanent quarantine location for persons suffering from Bubonic Whooping Syphilis (BWS).

The island is now exclusively populated by persons whom the DHW has quarantined on the island. The official use for the island is to house—in quarantine—persons afflicted with any untreatable highly infectious communicable disease and persons who do not accept immunization for such diseases. Currently BWS is the only disease that sufficiently affects humans in Illuminatia so much as to be a disease subject to these quarantine procedures.

Residents of Quarentenam Island are allowed to freely communicate with the mainland and are allowed to freely receive goods from the mainland. Quarentenam Island is home to broadcast and other media outlets that successfully reach audiences on the mainland in addition to keeping island residents informed and entertained. Physical goods and other items leaving the island to the mainland are subject to inspection and decontamination procedures before reaching the mainland.