Protolucidian Liberation Front

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Protolucidian Liberation Front

Protolucidian Liberation Front Logo.png

10 8th Street, Ave Maria

Industry: Communication, public relations

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Advocacy, publicity, image management, media manipulation

Revenue: 250,000μ/AU

Personnel: 45 employees

Protolucidian Liberation Front (PLF) is a quasiparamilitary organization based in Illuminatia. The PLF uses unconventional and outlandish schemes to express its hostility toward and general disagreement with political and commercial practices that otherwise might not receive the level of exposure that the group finds necessary. The PLF's stated objective is positive societal and cultural change.

The Protolucidian Liberation Front is especially known for its public mass demonstrations, laser-projected images upon urban buildings and clouds, graphical blimps and hot air balloons, and distribution of trinkets and paraphernalia as covert mediums for their communications.

The PLF has a long history of reliably preceding its more outlandish actions with carefully articulated, well-worded editorials, broadcasts, and other communications conveying the group's rhetorical position and identifying the target of the group's discontentedness. Typically, the communications maintain a trajectory that increases in intensity and focus leading up to a demonstration or action unless a dialogue or negotiation first halts that chain of events. Thanks to this routine and the reliability of the Protolucidian Liberation Front's actions, the identified targets—often persons and entities in power—have been known to capitulate to the PLF's demands or otherwise engage the group in dialogue and negotiation rather than face the spectacle of one of the group's orchestrated actions. The PLF, through these negotiations and consultations, has proven itself as a highly successful agent of social change.

Like all major quasiparamilitary organizations in Illuminatia, the PLF strictly refrains from activities involving violence or that may cause significant direct economic losses, loss to property, personal injury, or death.

Despite its name, the Protolucidian Liberation Front—although it traces its routes to efforts that utilized the secret code language—does not specifically promote the usage of any of the Protolucidian languages and does not necessarily utilize these languages, although many members do speak one of the four Protolucidian languages especially when communicating about operations relating to the PLF.

The PLF maintains a relatively high favorability rating among quasiparamilitary organizations, surpassed in public image polls regularly only by the Lucidian Revolutionary Army.

The Protolucidian Liberation Front, like most quasiparamilitary and political organizations, maintains an active Karmic Unit account, which tends to sustain a comfortably positive balance despite frequent karmic transactions resulting from feedback relating to the group's orchestrated actions. By maintaining a Karmic Unit account, the PLF can more easily continue to express its interests without the risks of not engaging in karmic exchange.