Age of majority in Illuminatia

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Age of Majority Illustration.png

There is no specific age of majority in Illuminatia because the government has established a system of testing to that determines whether individuals possess the mental maturity necessary to carry out civic duties, consent to contractual arrangements, consume mind-altering substances, and engage in reproductive behavior. Individuals reach their personal age of majority once they satisfy the requirements of these tests. The age of majority in Illuminatia corresponds with the age of consent.

Despite the lack of an arbitrarily specified strict age of majority such as what existed in most nations on Earth, most youth choose to begin the process of qualifying for the right of majority between the ages of 52 to 62 AU.

Every youth in Illuminatia is guaranteed a primary education through their personal age of majority and in fact such education is compulsory. Once an individual reaches their age of majority, they are then qualified to continue onward to secondary education at a college or university.

Illuminatia's concept of an age of majority differs strongly from that of the earlier days of Earth, where governments often prescribed an arbitrary age at which all persons were granted various freedoms and responsibilities, irrespective of whether individuals were actually mature enough to handle these freedoms. Human culture has since come to understand that such blanket directives, when applied to a large group of people indiscriminately, can be dangerous, destructive, and inhumane.

There is no lower or upper limit on the age at which a person may engage in the process of qualifying for the right of majority, although the educational system in Illuminatia is designed to prepare youth for majority by the age of 62 AU. Thanks to strong advances in education, mental health, and social intelligence, persons tend to find themselves qualified to pursue adult responsibilities much earlier in life in Illuminatia compared to humans of the modern-ancient days of Earth.

Persons who have successfully petitioned the government for the privilege of majority are granted these rights:

  • The right to vote and otherwise engage in the democratic process in an official capacity
  • The ability to be considered for and to hold public office
  • The ability to consent to legally-binding contractual arrangements
  • The freedom to consume mind-altering substances
  • The freedom to engage in reproductive behavior

Permission from parental units is not required for youth to engage in the process of qualifying for majority because the freedom to petition the government for one's privilege of majority is considered a basic human right in Illuminatia.

In rare cases, persons might adequately satisfy the necessary testing to qualify for majority at ages as young as 50 AU, while in other extraordinary cases persons may never meet the qualifications and live their entire lives without having met their age of majority.