Erickson Peninsula

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Erickson Peninsula

Location of the Erickson Peninsula in northwestern Illuminatia

Points of interest: Hearst, Baroque Channel

The Erickson Peninsula is a small, sparsely populated portion of the Baroque Isle in northwestern Illuminatia. Dangling from the southwestern extremity of the Baroque Isle, the Erickson Peninsula is bounded by the Baroque Channel to the southeast and the western ocean to the west.

The Erickson Peninsula is dominated by relatively low-lying land and rolling interior hills. The peninsula does not have the towering mountains found elsewhere on the Baroque Isle. As a result of this lower elevation coupled with proximity to the open waters of the ocean, the Erickson Peninsula enjoys a mild climate, with some of the warmest average temperatures of the entire Baroque Isle. The Erickson Peninsula does not experience the severe downward temperatures fluctuations seen in upper elevations of the Baroque Isle's most northerly reaches. Snowfall is relatively uncommon on the peninsula and is confined to the cold months.

The peninsula is home to one major population center, Hearst, a coastal city on the peninsula's southeastern coast with the Baroque Channel. Agriculture and food production are important industries on the Erickson Peninsula. The peninsula is home to extensive pastureland known for producing Beefplant and other locomotive meat plant stock. Much of the culture and economy of the area revolves around the cultivation, growing, processing, and marketing of meat plant material.

The Erickson Peninsula, like the rest of the Baroque Isle, was settled by descendants of the third multiversal duplication of the Lucidus I ship. The island's inhabitants share a common ancestry with much of northern Illuminatia, including the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex.