University of Insight and Intuition

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University of Insight and Intuition

University of Insight and Intuition Logo.png

19 6th Street, Nachtmusik

Industry: Education

Entity type: Non-profit, public

Product: Secondary, tertiary education

Specialties: Human sciences, cartographical arts, industrial engineering

Enrollment: 27,900

Colors: Algae Blue, Timber Green

Revenue: 3,070,000μ/AU

University of Insight and Intuition (UII) is a public institution of tertiary education located in the city of Nachtmusik. UII offers secondary and tertiary degrees focused in the human and industrial sciences but is most praised for its degrees in the human sciences, cartographical arts, industrial engineering.

The University of Insight and Intuition draws most of its students from Nachtmusik and the nearby interior regions of the Southwestern Megalopolitan Complex. The most well-known of graduates from UII have been veterinarians, electrical theorists, and chemists. UII's graduates, as is the case with those successfully completing coursework at all public institutions of education, enjoy a nearly 100% placement rate thanks to the Occupational and Instructional Productivity and Placement System (OIPPS) which is administered by the Office of Assessment and Placement (OAP).

Enrollment at University of Insight and Intuition totals 27,900 students. UII receives funding from the Bureau of Education and Enlightenment (BEE) proportional to this student population. The university's curriculum is under the oversight of the BEE's Office of Curriculum and Programming (OCP). As with most public educational institutions, public funding accounts for nearly all of UII's operational resources. The university's annual revenue averages 3,070,000μ annually.

UII is rumored to have a pond at the center of its campus filled with carbonated water.