Recreational dismemberment

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Recreational Dismemberment Illustration.png

Recreational dismemberment refers to a suite of non-competitive, non-therapeutic diversionary activities all involving the sudden, temporary removal of one or more of the extremities from the body of a willing, voluntary living participant for the entertainment and thrill-seeking objectives of the dismembered partaker and spectators. Recreational dismemberment is a relatively uncommon non-mainstream recreational activity in Illuminatia and is heavily regulated.

Customarily, recreational dismemberment involves utilizing the assistance of a dismemberment services provider. The dismemberment is almost always non-permanent and non-disabling, with reattachment services pre-arranged as part of the dismemberment experience. One extreme form of recreational dismemberment is recreational decapitation, which involves the temporary severing of the head from the human body. Dismemberment is often moderately painful, but dismemberment services providers commonly offer anesthetic to alleviate these symptoms and many participants utilize local or regional anesthetic to ensure a non-traumatizing experience.

Recreational dismemberment is closely regulated by the Office of Death and Dismemberment (ODD) to ensure the safety of those seeking dismemberment experiences. The ODD maintains strict regulation over all recreational dismemberment experience providers due to the nature of dismemberment which, under the right conditions, has the potential to result in death or other forms of permanent incapacitation. Thanks to close regulation and competent administration of dismemberment experiences, permanent medical problems due to a dismemberment experience are exceedingly rare. Most people who choose to undergo a dismemberment experience have all extremities reattached within several temporal units and any remaining scars or visible wounds are healed within 10 to 20 DU.

The removal of the extremity from the body is normally very swift and nearly instantaneous, making use of a severing motion. Partial dismemberments are rare but possible, upon the request of the subject seeking the experience. Dismemberment is not practiced competitively in Illuminatia and no form of gambling or wagering on the outcome of a recreational dismemberment is permitted, by order of the ODD. Non-consensual dismemberment is not permissible in Illuminatia. All dismemberment experiences involve a thorough, arduous documentation of fully-informed consent by persons able to provide consent.

Recreational dismemberment is considered a luxury divertissement, with commercially-available dismemberment experience packages towering in price above most other forms of entertainment and recreation. One dismemberment involving a single limb combines with necessary medical attention after the administration of the initial dismemberment can skyrocket in price well above 400μ. Decapitations can easily cost two to three times that amount. Tickets to observe a series of dismemberments can cost 30μ to 50μ depending on the excessiveness of the dismemberments scheduled for the day. Nonetheless, recreational dismemberment is a pinnacle among more mundane forms of entertainment among Illuminatia's most wealthy and reckless. Those interested parties who are not unreasonably wealthy but possess the requisite disposable income are often satiated with merely being observers.