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Temporal Unit Illustration.png

The Temporal Unit (TU) is the official Illuminatian unit for the measure of time and is the most basic unit of measure in the fourth dimension.

There are 100 TU in one Circadian Unit (DU). The practical usage of the TU in Illuminatia most closely correlates to how an hour would be used on Earth, although the TU is much shorter than an Earth hour. It is understood that one TU equals approximately 8.4 Earth minutes in duration. There are approximately 7.1 TU in one Earth hour.

Groupings of 3 to 4 TU are commonly used in situations in which an Earth hour would normally be used, such as in the scheduling of meetings, appointments, and wireless and television programs of any significant duration. The common acceptance of either 3 or 4 TU intervals in these situations varies regionally.

The TU is subdivided in decimals based on a metric system. A common short unit of time is the Decitemporal Unit (dTU), equal to 0.1 TU, or about 50 Earth seconds, taking the place of the Earth minute in common usage. Another popular short unit of time is the Millitemporal Unit (mTU), equal to 0.001 TU, or about ½ an Earth second. The Millitemporal Unit is much more desirable than an Earth second for use in circumstances in which Earthlings would use the second, as Illuminatians would find one second to be way too long. Frequency is measured in cyles per Millitemporal Unit.