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Prevalence of Quasilucidian usage in Illuminatia
high prevalence
moderate prevalence
low prevalence
sparse usage

Quasilucidian is a spoken and written sub-language of the Protolucidian languages. Quasilucidian is a minority language with usage concentrated primarily in southeastern Illuminatia on the Modal Peninsula. The most significant populations of Quasilucidian speakers are found in the vicinity of the cities of Overture, Symphony, and Allegro.

Quasilucidian—like all of the Protolucidian languages—is a constructed language that evolved from the greater Protolucidian language, which itself developed aboard the Lucidus mission. Quasilucidian is the second-most spoken of the four recognized Protolucidian sub-languages. The sub-language is natively spoken by 6% of Illuminatia's population. 10% of Illuminatians—including native users—are able to understand written and verbal Quasilucidian as well as write and speak the language. 25% of Illuminatians have at least a functional understanding of Quasilucidian in either written or spoken form if not both. Escape Goat, Inc is the sole linguistics institution charged with preserving the language and regulating its usage.

Quasilucidian shares its closest linguistic relationship with the less-spoken Demilucidian sub-language, which is spoken in Illuminatia's northeastern regions. Quasilucidian and Demilucidian form a second branch of the Protolucidian linguistic tree, evolving from a variation of the parent Protolucidian language spoken during the Lucidus mission, specifically on the Lucidus III ship. Descendants of the first and second multiversal duplications of Lucidus III survivors speak Quasilucidian, while descendants of the third multiversal duplication of Lucidus III survivors—after generations of linguistic evolution taking place in isolation from other Protolucidian speakers—speak what is now known as Demilucidian.

Despite this linguistic variation, Quasilucidian continues to share some mutual comprehensibility with Protolucidian Major—the dominant and most-spoken sub-language of the opposing branch of the Protolucidian languages, spoken primarily on the Timmons Peninsula. Native speakers of Quasilucidian are able to understand about 70% of spoken and written Protolucidian Major; while Protolucidian Major users tend to understand only approximately 45% of spoken or written Quasilucidian.

Contemporary usage

Like all Protolucidian languages, Quasilucidian is never used exclusively by its speakers. Quasilucidian instead is spoken in complement of Illuminatia's common language, Glossa Communi, as a "home" language—spoken chiefly among family and familiar people in everyday informal interaction. Quasilucidian is an unofficial language that is not recognized for use in commerce or civic and governmental matters. This personal, non-public usage has remained consistent throughout the evolution of the Protolucidian languages and continues to be the case to a less-consistent extent into the present day. Quasilucidian is taught electively in a minority of schools on the Modal Peninsula where most of the language's speakers reside. Teaching of Quasilucidian in other regions of Illuminatia is rare. Quasilucidian is broadcast on a handful of wireless and television outlets in regions where it is spoken, and is printed in only a couple of alternative publications in southeast Illuminatia.