Life expectancy of the Illuminatian human

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Life expectancy of the Illuminatian human Illustration.png

Average human life expectancy

278 AU

The life expectancy of the average human in Illuminatia is significantly longer than that of the historical modern human on Earth. Increased lifespans are attributable to a number of factors including reduced mortality, better health, and population selection.

By the time the Lucidus mission was organized, humanity had already dramatically reduced many of the traditional causes of human mortality. Most of these reductions related to preventable causes, including preventable diseases and issues caused by lifestyle choices, human-caused mortality such as violence, inequitable distribution of wealth and resources, famine, and drought.

Over the course of the Lucidus mission and continuing through the settlement of Illuminatia, the Lucidus/Illuminatian branch of humanity concentrated on research to effect a further downward trajectory on the causes of illness, disease, and mortality previously thought to be unpreventable. Advanced medical and epidemiological research found causes to disease traditionally left unexplained. The changes brought about by this innovation largely impacted the mortality rate toward the end of the average human lifespan, extending the geriatric years.

Once the human race established itself on Illuminatia, more radical advancement in medicine took place, more dramatically impacting the human health-span, not just the lifespan. This improved the quality of life for the oldest Illuminatians, allowing later retirement ages and a more active senior populace. These factors had a feedback effect further extending the average life expectancy.

Improvements in the life expectancy in Illuminatia were amplified by the unnatural population selection that took place at the onset of the Lucidus mission. Only the healthiest of humanity was selected to populate the mission. Additionally, over the course of the mission and into Illuminatia, population regulation efforts caused further unnatural selection by way of a highly-analyzed method of pairing mates and prescribing reproduction.

The average life expectancy for Illuminatia's original settlers unfortunately took a noticeable hit, presumably as a result of radiation, induced deep sleep, and other factors encountered by Lucidus survivors during their extended journey from the location of The Anomaly to Illuminatia's surface. Native Illuminatians born on the surface of the newly-discovered planet enjoyed a resumption of the upward trajectory of the Illuminatian life expectancy.

According to data from the Office of Demography (OoD), the average Illuminatian life expectancy now surpasses 278 AU.