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Recapitation Illustration.png

Recapitation is a form of emergency medical intervention practiced at select hospitals and medical clinics in Illuminatia. The recapitation procedure is indicated in the event of a recreational decapitation, although recapitation medicine practitioners are fully equipped to respond to unplanned accidental decapitations.

Recapitation service providers are closely regulated by the Department of Health and Wellbeing (DHW) in collaboration with the Office of Death and Dismemberment (ODD). Tight oversight accounting for the effectiveness of the procedure is vital, as a failure to recapitate a patient suffering from decapitation could result in undesirable health outcomes, including death.

Recapitation clinics are almost always located nearby or are directly associated with a recreational decapitation experiences provider. Rapid response to a decapitation is necessary to ensure a full recovery from an encounter with a safety guillotine—the preferred tool for recreational decapitation.

The development of recapitation medical arts has greatly encouraged the recreational decapitation industry, as the recapitation procedure has ensured that decapitations, if performed properly, are fully-reversible with only short-lasting minor health effects. Use of the safety guillotine for the decapitation has also greatly improved health outcomes, providing a clean partition of the head from the remainder of the body, rendering recapitation easier and more efficacious and diminishing medical issues such as scarring and permanent disfigurement.