Philharmonic Bay

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Philharmonic Bay

Location of Philharmonic Bay in Illuminatia

Philharmonic Bay is an ocean basin bounded by the western coast of the Illuminatian continent to the east and the Philharmonic Islands to the west. The River Mystic flows into Philharmonic Bay.

The Philharmonic Bay can be subdivided into two portions—the Upper Philharmonic Bay, representing the larger northerly basin of the bay bounded by the Philharmonic Islands on the west and the continent on the east—and the Lower Philharmonic Bay, which represents a smaller southerly basin bounded only by the Illuminatian continent to the west.

Lower Philharmonic Bay enjoys a hot, sunny climate throughout the AU while the Upper Philharmonic Bay has a warm climate with a more varied incidence of precipitation and cloud cover. The entire extent of the bay provides abundant recreational opportunities and is a popular tourist attraction.

The concentration of population centers lining the perimeter of the bay arose from the second multiversal duplication of modules that landed originating primarily from the Lucidus II ship, although Philharmonic Bay is near areas populated by descendants of the Lucidus I ship from that same second multiversal duplication.

Major cities situated upon the Upper Philharmonic Bay include Voyage a Deux and Alter Ego. Major cities situated upon the Lower Philharmonic Bay include Requiem, Béla Fleck, and Kerrang. Rolling Stone is often associated with the bay although it is an interior city located near the coastline.