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Karmic rebalancing is a variety of activity that an individual or entity might engage in for the purpose of raising or lowering their Karmic Unit balance, with the goal of causing that balance to reach a near-zero sum. Karmic rebalancing is generally pursued on a voluntary basis and initiated by the individual or entity whose karmic balance is in question, however one can also be compelled to correct an egregiously out-of-balance Karmic Unit balance, and there are methods and authorities to make this happen.

If one's Karmic Unit balance is too low, this means the person or entity is subject to too much negative goodwill or too many negative outcomes have been attributed to them. If this is the case, one must engage in a rebalancing activity involving some level of pain or displeasure in order to raise the karmic balance to be closer to zero.

If one's Karmic Unit balance is too high, this indicates that person or entity has either had too many negative events happen to them or that they have been excessively generous or pleasant in relation to others while not receiving enough positive affirmation, recognition, or kindness in return. If this is the case, the situation must be corrected by engaging in a rebalancing activity that involves some level of pleasure, delight, or joy. In extreme cases, a karmic rebalancing might need to involve subjecting the person to high levels of glee, enchantment, or ecstasy over lengthier durations. These rebalancing activities are intended to reduce the Karmic Unit balance closer to zero.

Karmic rebalancing is always engaged upon consensually, although certain societal pressures may encourage a person or an entity to pursue a karmic rebalancing more expeditiously than they might have otherwise planned upon their own accord. Adjustments to karmic balances are pursued only under the consent and advisement of the Department of Karma Adjustment (DKA), which administers all transactions of karma on behalf of individuals and entities. The DKA might use methods to compel a person or entity to engage in a karmic rebalancing in cases in which the karmic balance is unreasonably high or low for too long without corrective efforts.

Karmic rebalancing activities often involve semirecreational pursuits designed specifically to raise or lower a karmic balance by a certain number of Karmic Units. Karmic rebalancing providers can customize experiences to furnish the anticipated pre-calculated adjustment.

Examples of karmic rebalancing activities intended to raise a diminished Karmic Unit balance might include:

  • Recreational Depilation
  • Recreational Flogging
  • Recreational Warming
  • Recreational Scalding
  • Controlled Recreational Hypothermia
  • Structured Arm-Breaking
  • Recreational Castration
  • Generalized Recreational Suffering

Examples of karmic rebalancing activities intended to lower an elevated Karmic Unit balance might include:

  • Massage
  • Recreational Gastronomy
  • Recreational Gluttony
  • Recreational Copulation
  • Recreational Gyration
  • Recreational Destruction and Nonvictimizing Aggression

Karmic rebalancing can be pursued as a result of a karmic debalancing maneuver which can be surreptitiously imposed upon a target person by a conniving other.