Greensleeves Treasury

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Greensleeves Treasury

Greensleeves Treasury Logo.png

51 2th Street, Greensleeves

Industry: Finance

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Commercial and personal banking services

Specialties: Small-to-mid-scale lending and savings

Revenue: 211,000,000μ/AU

Total assets: 33,750,000μ

Greensleeves Treasury is banking institution based in the city of Greensleeves. The Treasury caters to commercial clients of all sizes and personal clients of a variety of means. In addition to its Greensleeves headquarters, the Treasury maintains a presence in the cities of Sinatra, Guaraldi, Skipville, and other smaller cities across the southern short of Brookeview Bay.

The Greensleeves Treasury sponsors financial news coverage in the Greensleeves Examiner and is a favored financeur of the Université des Manches Vertes, which is also based in Greensleeves.

The Treasury manages finances using the Monetary Unit and is a fully-integrated member of the Monetary Network. The Greensleeves Treasury is regulated by the Department of Monetary Policy (DMP). With revenues totaling 211,000,000μ/AU, the Greensleeves Treasury retains total assets of 33,750,000μ.