Rollins Regret

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The Rollins Regret

Sportsball Illustration 4.png

151 0th Street, Rollins

Industry: Athletic Entertainment

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Sportsball, professional

Home Attendance: 740,000/AU

Revenue: 398,000μ/AU

Ticket Price: 0.25μ


  • 39 active athletes
  • 20 standby athletes

The Rollins Regret is a professional major-league sportsball club based in Rollins, affiliated with the National Sportsball League. The Regret hosts an average of 15 home games per season at 50,000-seat Remorse Stadium, conveniently located on Rollins's central thoroughfare, 0th Street.

The Regret employs a total of 59 athletes and earns a revenue of 398,000μ/AU. The team's mascot is Anguish the Apology.