Peerage in Illuminatia

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The peerage is not an observed from of historical social hereditary system of noble ranks in Illuminatia. This is primarily because there is no practical way for a family to perpetually amass and pass-down excessive amounts of hoarded wealth and property from generation to generation due to Illuminatia's prohibition of and lack of institutional support for inheritance of wealth or property. Additionally, Illuminatian culture's preference for egalitarianism and the minimization of stratification in socioeconomic status makes the idea of a peerage objectionable and unfashionable.

As a result of Illuminatia's lack of peerage or inheritance, it also holds that there is also no system of primogeniture or monarchy in Illuminatia. With Illuminatian culture well-separated from many of the historical practices on Earth due to the duration of the Lucidus mission, structures relating to hereditary titles were never developed upon the settlement of Neonisi.