Capital Access Corporation

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Capital Access Corporation

Capital Access Corporation Logo.png

58 Ecclusiastics Avenue, Mingus

Industry: Finance

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Commercial and personal banking services

Specialties: Large-scale lending and savings

Revenue: 190,000,000μ/AU

Total assets: 66,000,000μ

Capital Access Corporation is banking institution based in the city of Mingus. CAC caters primarily to commercial borrowers and depositors and also makes its services available to personal borrowers on an auxiliary basis as a byproduct of the significant money flow made available due to its commercial services.

Capital Access Corporation specializes in processing large sums of Monetary Unit capital as loans to commercial enterprises. The bank's loans are based upon the arrangement of borrowers repaying less than the sum that was actually originally lent. This arrangement tasks borrowers with the burden of holding on to or expending large sums of money, allowing the bank to escape losses due to Illuminatia's negative interest rate, an economic policy which actually makes this procedure quite sustainable. Many other banks engage in this activity but generally to a lesser extent. The CAC's loan arrangement makes it possible to provide further large sums to future borrowers, including non-commercial clients who in general need smaller loans.

Commercial clients from across central and southeastern Illuminatia flock to Capital Access Corporation when they are in need of sums of capital, commonly for business expansion or other significant investment, but would not be eligible for loans from traditional local banks. CAC's clients are generally small to medium-sized corporations and organizations in the Randall Bay Megalopolitan Complex which have generally not become large enough to produce larger amounts of money or may find it difficult to impress other banks with their business plans.

The Capital Access Corporation is a fully-integrated member of the Monetary Network. The CAC is regulated by the Department of Monetary Policy (DMP). With revenues totaling 190,000,000μ/AU, the Capital Access Corporation retains total assets of 66,000,000μ. The CAC maintains an asset level that is higher in proportion to its revenues compared to the average dominant local bank because it caters to clients that are more interested in savings and maintaining more liquid assets than the average personal or commercial client of significant means who might be more interested in safeguarding their assets against the negative interest rate.