Mute Point, Inc

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Mute Point, Inc.
Mute Point Inc Logo.png

47 3rd Street, Ave Verum

Industry: Communication, linguistics

Entity type: Non-profit

Product: Topical authority, information for public dissemination, linguistic preservation

Revenue: 105,000μ/AU

Personnel: 15 employees

Motto: "Maintaining a unified language is a moot point."

Mute Point, Inc. is a linguistic preservation and policing organization based in Ave Verum which performs work to preserve the minority Demilucidian‎ language. This non-profit organization engages in publishing, public outreach, education, and observation to assess the usage of Demilucidian‎, provide monitoring and patrolling of grammatical usage, and preserve the utility of the sub-language as a cultural tool. Mute Point is the primary linguistic organization working with the Demilucidian‎ sub-language.

Mute Point, Inc. plays a central role in the Demilucidian‎ sub-language as an indigenous institution. It also works as one of four central linguistic organizations in Illumination working together to preserve the four Protolucidian languages, of which Demilucidian‎ is one.

In naming itself, Mute Point, Inc. played homage to Illuminatia's network of regional grammar policing organizations, which work to preserve Glossa Communi, Illuminatia's mainstream common language. These regional organizations engage in a greater level of linguistic prescription than Mute Point, as a part of their efforts to prevent oronyms and idiomatic substitutions. Meanwhile, Mute Point, Inc. and its three sister organizations instead take a more descriptive approach, subscribing to the philosophy that such technique will result in sufficient linguistic unity within a minority language that itself has been defined by its ability to drift and contribute to cultural diversity by way of its flexibility in using language to communicate.

The organization adroitly balances its role in preservation and prevention of unnecessary degeneration of the Demilucidian‎ sub-language's ability to effectively communicate among a minority populace, while also celebrating the cultural implications of an evolving language within the context of sister minority languages which also evolve in their own way.

Mute Point, Inc. receives consideration from the Illuminatia Department of Language and Lexicology (DLL) in support of the organization's work relating to the cultural significance of the Protolucidian languages. The DLL also welcomes the ancillary benefit that the designated elasticity of the Demilucidian‎ language provides in relation to the stability of the common language, Glossa Communi. The DLL understands that Demilucidian‎ plays a cathartic role in the greater linguistic ecosystem in Illuminatia, affording a platform for intense linguistic antics to take place in regions where Demilucidian‎ is spoken, without contaminating Illuminatia's common language.