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Competitive Elimination Illustration.png

Competitive elimination is an organized Illuminatian sporting pursuit that matches individuals against each other in a contest of human excretory elimination. Competitive elimination pits contestants against one another in an effort to, on demand, produce digestive excretory functions and byproducts which are then judged and compared to those of fellow contestants. Scoring is performed by a panel of judges. In competitive elimination competitions, multiple competitors might compete as a team in opposition to other similarly-composed teams to accumulate summary scores. But in many competitions, individuals compete independently. In all arrangements, elimination performances occur one at a time consecutively to allow judges and audiences the opportunity to observe all presentations.

A panel of judges assesses the products generated by the contestants on qualities such as mass, texture, color, aroma, and overall remarkability. In some events, depending upon the rules arranged for the competition, judges may also assess elimination performances based execution, awarding scores on stylistic grounds, timing, and other artistic embellishments incorporated into the contestant's elimination routine.

Competitive elimination athletes are known to be adept at enduring a high-fiber diet, which is a necessity allowing the competitors to perform as expected and with the anticipated volume. Failure to prepare appropriately in advance of a competitive elimination tournament can result in a contestant being completely unable to perform.

Contestants in the sport commonly choose to ingest an impressive array of dyes, glitters, spices, and fragrances in efforts to arrange an artistically compelling product. In scoring, competitive elimination contestants can be rewarded significantly for excreting a gamut of difficult-to-produce colors and unique aromas. Glitter has become a popular component that has been utilized to dazzle audiences and impress judges, with many competitive elimination tournaments being graced with a roster fully populated by contestants producing glittered eliminatory byproducts. Sometimes a contestant will be awarded a higher score for creating eliminatory products viewed as possessing a more "natural looking" appearance and lacking exotic coloration or glitter.

A variety of competitive elimination tournaments have arisen that takes the sport to new heights, such as a notable series of elevated competitive elimination competitions, which place contestants on platforms raised 16 to 20 LU above a depositing surface. In addition to the traditional competitive elimination scoring system, judges also assess the performance based on the perceived velocity of the product upon colliding with the depositing surface and the surface area affected by the resulting disintegration of the elimination products.

The average mass deposited by a competitive elimination contestant in one maneuver during a competition measures 17 MU, while the current record-holder produced a 29 MU creation.