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The Illuminatia Office of Life and Conception (OLC) is a government office under the Illuminatia Bureau of Reproduction and Copulation (BRC). The OLC manages enrollment for and registration of life-creating and life-commencement events in accordance with the population regulation objectives of the BRC.

The OLC is tasked with recording and cataloguing all commencement of life events that take place among the Illumination population, while the Office of Death and Dismemberment accounts for all events leading to or reasonably anticipated to increase the probability of causing the termination of a human life in Illuminatia.

Persons expecting to conceive of at least one new human life in the near future are expected to register the event with a local OLC office. The Application for Life Commencement Event form requires information demonstrating sufficient social, cultural, and economic resources and due planning to successfully execute the healthy gestation of a new human life through birth as well as the nurturing and fostering of the same new human life through maturity. The OLC requires prospective parents to prove the ability to ensure any new human life that might be created is able to achieve the health and developmental potential anticipated of it.

An addendum and official submission of a revised Application of Life Commencement form is required prior to the actual birth event that commences the new human life or lives, and final submission of a Registration of Life Commencement Event Form is required following a successful birth event.

The OLC collects all Application for Life Commencement Event forms and Registration of Life Commencement Event forms from the general population and submits the raw data to the Office of Demography for more advanced demographic analysis and reporting. Essentially all voluntary applications for the commencement of a life are approved by the OLC, although sometimes with conditions.

The tabulation of birth events is critical to the BRC's population control mechanisms, as the bureau is expected to maintain a precisely accurate running count of Illuminatia's population in between censuses so that the proper quantitative, qualitative, and geographic qualities of the continent's population can be maintained in such a way as to maximize the survivability of the Illuminatian branch of humanity.