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Illuminatia Illuminatia is a project centered on a fictitious nation-continent in a fictional world of the future. Illuminatia is a hybrid of cartography, geography, and science fiction.

Essential background:

Illuminatia begins with a map of a large island. The stories of Illuminatia grow from the continent's geography.

The narrative of Illuminatia involves a utopian civilization built by humanity on a world other than Earth at some point well into the future. Many of the stories of this fantasy world might parallel those of the earthly civilizations with which we're familiar. Other stories might parody, mimic, and lampoon our reality as we know it. Some stories might reflect the worst of our fears regarding the future of humanity; alternatively, they may imitate our idea of everything we might hope will become of our descendants and the choices they make. Utopia or dystopia? You be the judge.

The Illuminatia Wiki will become increasingly populated with the stories of Illuminatia as the project moves forward. Contributions, suggestions, and requests from readers are welcome. Readers are encouraged to use the Illuminatia Marketplace to interact with the project.

The map

alt text

Original media: colored pencil and gel pen on 11"x18" sketch paper. The original drawing was digitized in three scanned segments. Modest digital editing has preserved the image after the original was irreparably modified.

Today's working version of the Illuminatia map is an evolution of the original hand-drawn map, with digital alterations that make the map's new version unique from previous manifestations.

The map of Illuminatia depicts one primary continent accompanied by three large nearby islands, eight other islands of significant proportions, and numerous smaller coastal islands.

Bodies of water are represented in blue. Elevated land features such as mountains are in red. Urban areas are represented by green symbols.

The story

The original settlers of Illuminatia unintentionally alighted on the previously unknown habitable planet during the course of a long-term intergalactic mission originating from Earth. A significant population of humans manned three large spacecraft on a multi-generational mission across space to locate and colonize at least one new world for the purpose of creating geographic diversity and redundancy among the localities the human race occupies as a protective measure against the unlikely possibility that something untoward should happen to Earth.

Official external presence

The Illuminatia project interacts using these official outlets: