The Adviser

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The Adviser

Newspaper Illustration 1.png

22 Mexico Avenue, Sonata

Industry: Publishing

Entity type: For-profit

Product: Daily newspaper, local, regional

Specialties: Mainstream local news, comics


  • Local Edition: 710,400
  • Regional Edition: 560,000
  • Total Circulation: 1,270,400
  • Total Readership: 4,521,000

Revenue: 2,464,800μ/AU

Newsstand Price: 30mμ

The Adviser is a daily newspaper published in the city of Sonata, with readership throughout the coastal western half of the Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex. The Adviser is known for its extensive comic section and an editorial section dominated by political cartoons.

With a total circulation of 1,270,400 including a local edition circulation of 710,400 and a regional edition circulation of 560,000, The Adviser yields a total readership of 4,521,000. The Adviser is trusted regionally for its adeptness in covering local news from Sonata of regional relevance. The newspaper however does compete with Serenade's Chronicle for regional readership in western megalopolitan cities like Lark Ascending, Vaughan-Williams, and The Planets.

The Adviser earns 2,464,800μ/AU in revenue from subscriptions and advertising. The newspaper has a newsstand price of 30mμ for its local edition and 32mμ for its regional edition.

The Adviser was a founding member of the Sonata area periodicals distribution system, establishing a template for other distribution systems later established in nearby Anglo-Russo-Hungarian Megalopolitan Complex cities, including Holst, Purcell, and Elgar.