Bubonic Whooping Syphilis

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Bubonic Whooping Syphilis Illustration.png

Bubonic Whooping Syphilis (BWS) is a highly contagious infectious disease affecting Illuminatian humans. Incidence of this infection is incredibly small, but those who are infected are assured to have a most grave prognosis.

BWS is transmitted by coughs, sneezes, intimate contact, and bites from infected persons. Symptoms include inflamed lymph nodes, chills, seizures, paroxysmal cough, vomiting, chancrous lesions, rash, and tumor-like balls of inflammation.

Thankfully, as this disease evolved aboard the Lucidus mission, doctors and medical researchers developed a vaccination. The vaccination is considered exceedingly effective when administered during a specific period of infanthood.

Unfortunately, as the disease became increasingly rare, it also became increasingly potent. Thanks to modern medical technology, very few Illuminatians need to worry about contracting the disease. But those who do become infected must be quarantined and dealt with swiftly to eliminate the chance of further spread. Due to the grave prognosis for those infected, sufferers of BWS are allowed the option to submit an application for a Voluntary Early Termination of Life Authorization to the Office of Demography or to be permanently quarantined on Quarentenam Island, quite some distance off the coast of Illuminatia, where they can coalesce with other BWS victims for the remainder of their natural life.

While Lucidus mission organizers worked diligently to eliminate as many illnesses and diseases from the mission's seed population during selection, the void of credible pathogens and infections allowed a select few to thrive. The main three, the Bubonic plague, whooping cough, and Syphilis, seem to have joined forces and merged into one cohesive infectious disease. Incidence of transmission of the diseases was always rare and difficult to track aboard the mission. Eventually the diseases morphed into one unitary illness, sparking an increase in occurrence and allowing medical personnel to focus on treatment, prevention, and, eventually, a vaccine.

Illuminatia has a small anti-vax population, who are allowed the opportunity to permanently relocate to Quarentenam Island where BWS sufferers are quarantined. Nobody really hears much from them.