Lucidian Revolutionary Army

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Lucidian Revolutionary Army Logo.png

Lucidian Revolutionary Army (LRA) is a quasiparamilitary organization based in Illuminatia. The LRA uses eccentric and uncanny tactics to express political and social viewpoints that are counter to popularly-held perspectives.

The Lucidian Revolutionary Army is especially known for its drawings of grotesque caricatures of public figures, pasteurized feces bombs, covert placements of whoopee cushions, and oversized inflatable phallic displays, among other public pranks and stunts.

Like all major quasiparamilitary organizations in Illuminatia, the LRA strictly refrains from activities involving violence or that may cause direct economic losses, significant damage or loss to property, personal injury, or death.

The Lucidian Revolution Army, like most quasiparamilitary and political organizations, maintains an active Karmic Unit account, which sees frequent transactions in both positive and negative directions. The organization is quick to counter the understandably frequent negative karmic balances resulting from those who are displeased with the LRA's activities using equitably positive KU contributions from those who are sympathetic with the positions held by the LRA or who otherwise simply find themselves thoroughly entertained by the spectacles the organization causes.